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Bolt Seals

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Pull Strength Bolt Seals

Material Q235A carbon steel& ABS regin
Total length: 86.4mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
Width: 20.8mm
Strength: 20KN

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Product Details

JCBS105 C-TPAT New Style Trailer Container Steel pull strength bolt seals

Container Steel Bolt Seal Lock

Production Description

Container Steel Bolt Seal Lock JCBS105 is widly used in

Railway transport cabinet,Safe deposit box, etc.


Material Q235A carbon steel ABS regin

Total length: 86.4mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm

Width: 20.8mm

Strength: 20KN

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Colour:Standard Colours(Anodized)Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange
Other colorsAvailable
Packaging:Standard Packaging10pcs/per box
250pcs/per Carton
Carton Dimension49*32*15cm
Delivery Time:As customer' s requirement
Sample Time:2-3 working days after confirm orders.

Company profile:
Need some cost-effective barrier seal? Junchuang fulfils the role of a barrier seal with a pull strength of over 500kg while requiring a bolt cutter to remove. The narrow diameter pin is ideal for securing narrow orifice.

What's important or unique to look out for?

Some of the bolt seals have anti-spin feature, where the pin cannot spin. This feature is to stop tampering for the seals.

Some of the bolt seals not only have serial number printed on the barrel, but also on the pin.

What situations influence choosing one product over another?

Check if you plan to use the seals for domestic use or overseas use.

Check if the locking holes line up.

security pull tight cable seal

Welcome to Security Seals Online ecommerce division. We at Junchuang have been in the security seals solutions and tamper evident products for more than 15 years. Started out with plastic and metal bolt seals, now we have a range of solutions including tamper evident satchels, security boxes, tamper evident labels and even electronic smart seals.

However we believe that no company is the same, therefore we strive to find the best possible solution for every customer. If you are looking for customised seals, or just simply have a question, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We have our team of experienced staff members ready to assist you.

plastic seals

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