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Shipping Container Seals

shipping container seals JCBS603 Laser Printing: Name, Logo, Consecutive Numbers, Barcode MaterialLow carbon steel, and wrapped with ABS Total length:84.8mm. Width:22.6mm Strength:20KN Color:Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange,Red High security c-tpat compliant bolt seal helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Multiple color options & personalization available.

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Hot Sell OEM Custom Logo printing shipping container seals JCBS603

Production Description

shipping container seals 


shipping container seals Specification

Laser Printing:Name, Logo, Consecutive Numbers, Barcode
MaterialLow carbon steel, and wrapped with ABS
Total length:84.8mm.

All kinds of ISO compliant containers,trailer

sTrucks ,Van trucks,Tank trucks

ColorYellow,Green,Blue,Orange,Red Etc

shipping container seals 

shipping container seals Features:

Bolt seals are high-strength security seals used on shipping containers, railroad and air freight containers. The solid metal core head and a locking cylinder that is encased in shock proof plastic makes for a high level security seal and an efficient tamper deterrent.

Solid metal core head makes it impossible to knock seal through latch


Must be removed with bolt cutters

Stock seals embossed with the word "logo" ,barcode and sequential numbers.

Extremely economical, high level security at an affordable price

Fits through extremely small slots

Cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation

shipping container seals 

Advantages of our products

As a minimum security practice, CBP through CTPAT mandates all seals on containers and trailers entering the U.S. must be secured by High Security bolt seals with documented, verifiable proof of compliance under ISO 17712:2013 criteria by an ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited and Certified Laboratory.We have a compilation of the ISO 17712:2013 High Security Seal requirements together with test results for our Junchuang anti-spin bolt seal.If you need,we can send you the other details.

The bolt is inserted into the locking mechanism, where the metal bolt snaps into place within the metal locking cylinder. The metal bolt and metal locking cylinder are encased in plastic, which is designed to show signs of tampering. If attacked with a heat source, the plastic will discolor and/or melt.

Our premium bolt seal design includes a NO-spin feature to minimize tampering. The metal bolt has a hexagonal shape which interlocks with the metal locking mechanism, which also has the hexagonal shape. This design PREVENTS spinning.

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