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Shipping Containers Bolt Seal

container bolt seals for sale JCBS002
Galvanized carbon steel, wrapped with ABS
Total length: 74.68mm
Steel bolt Diameter: 8mm
Breaking Strength: 1700kg

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Product Details

High demand products in market shipping containers bolt seal for sale JCBS-002

shipping containers bolt seal

Technical Specifications:


container bolt seals for sale



ABS+Low Carbon Steel 

Seal Materials:

Galvanized Low carbon steel, wrapped with ABS

Tensile Strength:  

> 12000N

Male Height:


Steel Perch Diameter:


Operation Temperature:

-40º Cto -110º C(-40° F  to  230° F)


Laser custom company name, logo and sequential numbers

Bar code decoration is available 


Standard Colours(Anodized)

Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange

Other colors


 shipping containers bolt seal

The JCBS002 bolt seal, also known as container seal or container pen, is used for securing container transport. The bolt seal is compliant with ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT. This high security seal locks the container door to prevent cargo theft, illegal transport of people and blocks-off hazardous goods. 

shipping containers bolt seal

Special Customized printing

Uniquely numbered to prevent against fraud and manipulation, this number is applied to both pin and barrel.

A number registration is easy to achieve because the seals are packaged in order of number.

When closed the seal is completely encapsulated in ABS plastic so any attempt at tampering will result in obvious destruction.

Anti-spin construction to ensure the locked bolt seal cannot be rotated out.

The number on the seal is always clearly visible.

shipping containers bolt seal

What can you get from the JCSY ?


Standard Packaging

10pcs/per box

250pcs/per Carton

Carton Dimension


One Seal Net Weight carton:


Delivery Time:

As customer' s requirement

Sample Time:

2-3 working days after confirm orders.

Mobile: +86-15553189730


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