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Aluminum Wire Seals

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Cable Seal Container Seal

Bolt seals, cable Seal, plastic Seal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering cable seal container seal Cable size: Diameter 1.5/1.8/2.5/3.0/3.5 mm, Length 20cm Or as required.

Product Details

JCCS004 Adjustable cable seal container seal with prinrting logo




Material:     Aluminum head, powder metallurgy insert, heavy-duty steel.

Cable size:   Diameter 1.5mm,Length 20cm(Standard).Or as required

Lock Body Size: 20mm(Length)*29mm(Width)*7.5mm(Thickness)

Color:        Blue/green/yellow/others

Printing Mode:    Laser-Etch

Printing content:  Bar code,Numbering

Strength:     >3.5KN

How to Pack:

100pcs/plastic bag, 1000pcs/carton, Carton Dimension:39×38×11cm

1pc net weight:13.8g, 1000pcs in a carton:14kg

Or as required.

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  • Personalize Your Seals:

    • With company name 

    • With serial numbers 

    • Available in black

    • Please allow 7-8 weeks for 5,000 or less and 13-14 weeks for more than 5,000 personalized seals to be delivered

  • Easy-to-use -- simply thread aircraft cable through parts to be fastened and into locking head

  • Constructed of an anodized aluminum alloy body with corrosive-resistant, high-quality, galvanized steel aircraft cable

  • Designed to withstand severe environmental and climatic conditions

  • Cable length available in 12 or 48"

  • 1.5mm diameter

  • Seals available

  • Can be removed by using cable seal container seal cutter

  • Seals come printed with a 6-digit number of our choice

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