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Aluminum Wire Seals

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Cable Wire Seal

Bolt seals, cable Seal, plastic Seal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering JCCS101 truck railway tamper-proof cable wire seal Cable size: Diameter 1.5/1.8/2.5/3.0/3.5 mm, Length 20cm Or as required.

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Product Details

JCCS101 truck railway tamper-proof cable wire seal


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Item Name:JCCS101 Cable wire seal
Material:  Aluminum alloy, free of plastic

1.Galvanized or stainless steel wire

2.NPC wire is selectable

3.1.8/2.5/5.0mm diameter cable with length of 25cm, length available

4.Dimension of lock head: 14mm X 26mm X 12mm(Thickness)

5.Pull tight locking mechanism

6.Removable by bolt/cable cutters, eyes protection is necessary

7.According to standard of ISO17712

Customization:cable length/body size/color ;

1.Thermal stamping or laser printing

2.Customer's company name&logo, Sequential numbers

3.Bar code is available



1.Red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, orange, gray etc.

2.According to customers' requests


100pcs/bag, 2000pcs/carton

Application: All kinds of Containers, Trucks, Tanks, Doors, etc.


Choosing Cable wire seals

cable seal 1.0,cable seal container seal,cable seal with red color,cable seals with printing logo,cable security seals,cable security seals for truck,cable wire seal,cargo container seal,china lock bolt seal,electric meter lead sealIndoor / Outdoor Use

Our standard seals have galvanized cables, which are suitable for outdoor applications up to 3 months. If your seal will be used in an outdoor environment for more than 3 months, we suggest you consider our seals with stainless steel wire, which are available in stock and custom designs.

Increase Productivity

Some seals have bar codes for added convenience in recording the serial number. Bar codes improve productivity and accuracy for larger projects.

Ensure Application Compatibility

If threading the cable through a hole, allow at least 10% clearance for cable thickness variation. For example, for a 1.5 mm cable, the hole size must be a minimum of 1.65 mm diameter. Inadequate clearance may cause the cable ends to unravel, which will then interfere with inserting the cable into the locking mechanism.

The usable cable length for locking is typically 2 inches shorter than the actual cable length because the cable is tapered.

Pricing Considerations

Shorter and thinner cables cost less. To reduce cost, use the shortest length and thinnest cables possible while still meeting your security application requirements. Also consider our economy and discontinued product lines

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