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About container container seal certification issues
Feb 27, 2018

ISO17712: 2013 container shipping seal quality certification standards

    Division I sealed high-security products in strict accordance with the requirements of production, quality assurance, at the same time I Division to meet customer requirements in the use of seals factory inspection, certification of some models of high-security seal testing and the formation of test reports and certification, So that customers in the face of audit more convenient.

君创认证.png    There are currently three versions currently in use, the latest version of ISO17712: 2013 standard, the international launch of the new standard in 2013 and the formal implementation of the new standard in May 2014. Therefore, if the customer's hands on this version of the certification, the latest can be used normally. The other two versions are: ISO17712: 2006 and ISO17712: 2010 standards, these two versions have not adapted to market requirements, it is no longer provide such certification.