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Application scope and market of container seals
Jun 05, 2018

        The security seal is a one-time “lock” used to prevent theft. It is mainly used for electricity meters, water meters, container shipping, tanker trucks, and container trucks to prevent theft, prevent leaks, and prevent counterfeiting. The container seal is a special seal for containers to prevent loss of goods during shipping of the container.

First, the structural characteristics:

       The container seals are made of A3 steel filled ABS plastic layers, and the company's logo and serial number are produced by using hot stamping anodized aluminum and lasers.

 market of container seals

Second, the scope of application:

       This product is suitable for power supply, water supply, tanker transport, container shipping, truck freight, trailer freight and so on.


Third, product advantages

      Wire seals are easy to use, easy to lock, strong, clear identification number, cheap and inexpensive.


Fourth, the main market

       All over the country, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, the Middle East, North America, South Africa, Western Europe, Australia, Russia, etc.