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Container wire seal features and materials
Mar 19, 2018

Container wire seal features and materials

Container steel wire seals are basically used in logistics. The container seal wire seals are generally the same. Some friends like to describe this as a container seal, and some friends like to describe this as Container steel wire seals, whether they are container seals or container wire seals, but are essentially the same, are one-time, that is, each container wire seal can only be used once. Some people say that more specific is the logistics seals, container logistics seals, wire container seals and the like, a look at this everyone should know what is the reason.

The container steel wire seal is composed of a lock body spring type steel car structure, the head package plastic, lock length L25cm (can lengthen), wire diameter 1.75mm. It is mainly used for the sealing of oil tank trucks, meter boxes, postal parcels and bank money bags. It is made of high-quality steel and ABS plastics. Laser serial numbers and company logos can be printed on the lock head. It can be adjusted long or short. According to the customer's use requirements to customize the different length of wire, with a strong anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft function.

Different container seals are needed on different containers. If you can't buy just the right container seals, only the container seal manufacturers have to do it. Like this time, some customized container seal manufacturers are in Guangdong. , Zhejiang, Wenzhou, this area.


1. The characteristics of each type of container steel wire seal are slightly different, but they are roughly the same. The general characteristics of container wire seals are as follows:

1. Container wire seal pull: ∠300kg (belongs to strong pull)

2. Standard specification: wire diameter 1.8mm, (special wire)

3. Standard length: 20-25cm (the length of wire can be customized according to your requirements)

4. Available colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white, etc. (custom colors can be mixed)

5. Use of container steel wire seals: It has security functions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, security, and leak prevention.

6. How to use the container's wire seal: It is convenient to seal and insert the wire into the keyhole to block it. (So the use of wire seals is exactly the same)

cable seal.jpg

7 Each container steel wire seal lock body identifies the user's enterprise name, an independent six-digit code, the company's LOGO can be added to the steel wire seal lock body, as well as advertising words and the like.

The material of the container steel wire seal is made of 3 different materials. The different materials are in different positions. These different materials form a durable and firm wire seal, and the 3 different positions of the material are :

1. Wire seal body (inside): A3 steel inner steel core;

2. Wire seal body (outside): ABS engineering plastics;