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Custom seal refers to what?
Mar 27, 2018

Custom seal refers to what?

As a one-off seal product, the seal seal has many different customization methods. There are many different customization methods and the security of the seal can be guaranteed. What are the ways to customize seals? Editors have taken stock of several common customizations.

When it comes to custom seals, the first thing that comes to mind is the LOGO and coding of the seal surface. This is the most common custom method. Customers only need to provide the corresponding LOGO and coded text. Manufacturers can adjust the laser to adjust the difference. The position between the LOGO, adjust the laser power for engraving, so as to achieve the desired effect. In other customized ways, there are steel wire seals that can adjust the wire length and wire diameter to suit the customer's environment. The second is to apply the random code of the bar code to the encoding and engraving. The generation of the random code is calculated by the computer to calculate the quantity of the entire batch of customized seals. The final number is given, and the random code is used to prevent the seal from being copied in batches. Security has been greatly improved.

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There are various methods for customizing seals, and a large number of them can also change the seal molds so that people are not in my position. Combining a variety of customized seals is safer in preventing imitations.