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Customs plastic seals of the application and use of procedures
Feb 28, 2018

1. If the container that comes with the damaged seal is the container to be assembled, the loading supervisor should immediately report the declaration to the customs clerk, and the customs clerk must inform the previous manufacturer to dispatch staff to check the container and all the items should be unboxed Check, reload.

2. If the seal is intact, the person in charge should put the seal into the seal counter to ensure that it will not be stolen, replaced and the key should be carried;

3. After the product is loaded, the teller seals the seal and records the seal number on the loading record sheet.

4. The cabinet number and plastic seal number reported to the salesman;

5. This counter number and plastic seal number has become the only matching number.

6. In the process of using the container seal, if the seal is damaged or wrongly sealed, it shall be immediately reported to the salesman and immediately applied for a new seal according to the relevant statutory procedures. All original old seal records shall be completely changed and sealed Sign number to fill in.


7. After the installation of sealed lead: the container number, seal number, license plate number and other information to inform the declaration staff. If found in the process of lead seal damage, should be carried out according to the following procedures:

(1) When the seal is found broken seal or transport company must immediately report to the factory safety officer, describes the incident. (2) The factory safety officer arranges the authorized personnel to inspect the goods in the vehicle to ensure that there is no shortage of goods, increase the number of goods and damage the goods.

(3) When abnormalities are found, they must notify local public security authorities and customs, and inform the business staff to inform the clients as soon as possible so that the clients can make the next arrangements.

(4) When the inspection found no abnormalities, it must be re-sealed lead seal, and record the old seal number. And keep sealed lead damage record.

8. If the seal is lost, it should be immediately reported to the customs declaration clerk and the relevant business personnel. The customs clerk should immediately report the loss of the seal to the government customs and freight forwarding companies and apply for the revocation of the original seal number and re-apply for a new seal.

9. If the seal due to sampling by the Customs and Excise Department, based on the evidence presented by the Customs to apply for a new seal, and to the relevant business staff reported, and provide the appropriate credentials to ensure that the goods can be successfully arrived at their destination.

10. The corresponding record should be retained.