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Description of one-off logistics seal
Jun 01, 2018

Disposable logistics seals are often used plastic seals, and some also use wire seals, which are sealed in the process of the logistics of the goods, to prevent theft and leakage of use. Now logistics companies, especially some large logistics companies, need to use this one-off seal. We know that before using seals, inventorying and leaking of goods during the transportation process in order to check if there is any loss is indeed a cumbersome and huge workload, which wastes manpower. Now that only a one-off logistics seal is locked outside the container car, this problem can be perfectly solved.

one-off logistics seal

One-off logistics seals Most customers will use plastic seals. Plastic seals have the advantages of low cost and ease of use. The use of seals by the logistics industry is large and the frequency of use is high, which makes them attach great importance to the cost control of logistics seals. Compared with plastic seals, although the tensile strength of wire seals is higher, the purchase cost is much higher than that of plastic seals. Therefore, some users who require higher strength of seals for tensile strength will choose wire seals as a one-time alternative. Use of logistics seals.

On one-off logistics seals, the company name and serial number can generally be printed to determine its uniqueness. Our company has a good reputation, excellent quality, now has a lot of express delivery, logistics companies, such as SF Express, and customers have formed a long-term and stable relations of cooperation, the product has been praised by customers.