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Different classifications of seals
Jun 04, 2018

Seals, also known as seals or Shi blockade, seals, are widely used in instrumentation, logistics and transportation, container shipping and other industries, from the purpose of sealing theft.

Seals are the general name for such products. The specific names of the seals are not the same depending on the material or the occasion of use.

According to different materials, seals can be divided into plastic seals, wire seals, plastic seals, high security seals, etc.;

 According to the use of points, seals can be divided into instrument seals (electric meter seals, water meter seals, pressure gauges, gas meter seals, etc.), container seals, logistics seals, etc.;

According to the functions of the seal, it can be divided into traditional seals and electronic seals

Electronic seal is a new type of seal that currently appears on the market. Unlike traditional seals, the traditional sealed anti-counterfeit information is external, can be visually identified, and thus easily be counterfeited, electronic seals through seals inside Installing electronic chips to store anti-counterfeit information in electronic chips. The anti-counterfeiting information stored by the RFID chip can be read by the terminal (handset), and the enterprise can store and manage these stored information through the management platform!

Compared with traditional seals, electronic seals have stronger anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft features, which are also much higher than traditional seals, and are increasingly favored by the market and customers.