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Electronic seals
Sep 19, 2017

Electronic seals are the silicon semiconductor integrated circuit technology and ordinary seals together and the development, production of a new type of seal products, its use and ordinary

Seals the same with the seal clamp on the metering apparatus, but each electronic seal has a unique readable identification code, this identification code in the database and the user file bundle

Tied together, through a dedicated handheld meter reader can read electronic seal information. So that it has the ordinary seals do not have the super strong imitation of forgery and copy Biaogong

Can, can be widely used in water meters, meters, gas meters and other measuring devices, such as embezzlement and meter reading work.

The role of electronic seals

1. Realize the digital management of meter reading: non-contact way to read information, plastic seals automatically pull water meter customer files, super large capacity storage meter count

Automatically generate and export billing forms. The meter reader carries the hand-held meter-reading device which can recognize the seals to arrive at the scene, by the identification electronic seal to be able to adjust automatically

The user file to which the measuring instrument belongs, and then input the current number of meters, and after storage can directly import the computer software to generate the fee form. This,

Ordinary water meters, meters, gas meters using electronic seals, you can realize the table with a fast automatic recognition, electronic storage meter reading, computer import copy

Table results, automatically generate billing forms, printing fee documents and other functions. With minimal input, you can upgrade your meter-reading management to a paperless number

The grade of information management.