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Future plastic seal development prospects
Nov 20, 2017

With the rapid development of the economy the development of plastic seals, traffic is increasing, and the value of goods is also increasing. The market demand is constantly increasing the seal, sealing it before it involves the first impression of a handwritten paper-bound booklet, a lot of transport companies and a packaging company reuse, the seal not only brings convenience to people but also allows our staff to make more Standardize the process of operation, so to do to ensure the safety of property and promote social harmony.

The current traditional lead locks (ie railway seals) have been difficult to meet the cargo transport safety regulatory needs. There are also many disadvantages:

(1) Lead seal, custody, registration, and other manual, high error rate.

(2) Check the transport carrier or cargo inspector's car, on-site inspection, operation inefficient.

(3) to determine the only description of the restrictions, Shifeng station (or dedicated lines) and title, such as can not provide, Shi block number, company logo and other specific information.

(4) Once the seal has been cut off, there will be traces that are conducive to the analysis of freight accidents and the detection of police detections.

(5) can only be manually checked, unable to achieve automated testing, modernization, management tools behind.

(6) It is impossible for employers or senior management to find out the status of the goods in their state of affairs without providing real-time logistics information because they are unable to make the peak status of goods or key vehicles of employers or senior managers. Now mainly used in plastic seals, cable seals, high security seals, etc. These not only make for a good identification stage, but also lock the sealing effect well. The future can evolve into the synchronization of electronic automated sealed emotions - how to treat the customer's emotions, and you have to keep the same mood for the home customer.