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high quality work
Dec 07, 2017

Plastic safety seals; millions of pieces each day, in different sizes, designs and various applications. Choosing the right challenge for any transportation or operations manager is a daunting challenge.

Quality - This sounds a bit cliché, but reading it, you will see our point of view. So quality not only means the quality of the stamp, or it looks neat and tidy now. Quality is the type of plastic we use to make the seal.

container bolt seals

We use polypropylene and nylon plastic materials to make seals. This allows the plastic seal to have a higher tension to prevent attack, but its ease of use and locking of the seal is flexible.

We use high-quality work, strict demands on ourselves. Before production, the production process and after-sales, we have a dedicated staff strictly. Any quality problems that arise in our company are not allowed.