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High Security Features
Mar 20, 2018

High Security Features

High security seal is a sealing device used in containers, container trucks, trucks, and wagons. It can not be damaged by one-time closure and cannot be unsealed. It can avoid the weaknesses of old-style seals that are still restored after being damaged. Gao Baofeng has a system of data coding, which has a one-to-one correspondence between commodities and codes, and no duplicates are required to facilitate the system's microcomputer management. Each use of high security seals can be verified on a computer.


1, high security seal super high mechanical strength.

2. The high-security sealed chip has a global ID number only.

3, high security seal can identify long distance read and write.


The high security seal is made of pstransparent plastic as the seal shell, and the lock body adopts the clip spring type structure, outsourcing the ABS, and the surface of the lock body can be customized by the customer. The laser typing, symbol, coding, bar code, color and other information are mainly used for containers, containers. A device for the seals of cars, trucks, and wagons.

After the high security seal was shipped out, it was discovered that the seal was damaged due to various special reasons. The container driver informed the factory immediately. The factory arranged the relevant responsible person to rush to the designated place, opened the container, carefully counted the mantissa, and checked whether there was any missing box or unnecessary items. Asked the driver of the cause of the damage, take a photo, and seal the factory to provide a high security seal. The freight forwarder is required to provide a new high security seal number, notify the change of the loading record, change the new high security seal, and report it to the guest.

Gao Baofeng had lock necrosis, change locks, etc. in the factory and immediately responded to the freight forwarding. Please ask for a new high-quality seal that meets the requirements from generation to generation, and inform the seal number. After the container is loaded, use the factory-owned high-security seal. Photographs shall be kept and the containers should be kept at the venue. The freight forwarder shall retain the blockade of the factory and seal the new high-quality seals. They shall ask the freight forwarding company to take photographs and provide them to the company to check whether the company’s own high-security seals are consistent with the new high security seals. Save the file and give it to the guest.

After the container enters the port area, it is necessary to check whether the arrival information is consistent with the information of the packing slips retained by our company. If any discrepancies are found, immediately notify the freight forwarding and find out the reasons.