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Lead seal conventional management methods
Nov 17, 2017

container seal is the lock-like equipment applied by a specific person after the goods have been loaded into the container and the door has been properly closed. Seals can be divided according to different personnel implied customs seal, commodity inspection seal and business seal. Once the seal is properly locked, it can not be opened unless violated (ie, cut open), and the damaged seal can not be reused. Each seal has a unique number logo. As long as the appearance of the container is complete, the container door is properly closed and thecontainer seal is properly locked, it can be proved that the container was unpacked without permission during the transportation. The inside of the container is under the supervision of the boxer when packing. This requires a routine management in the management of a standardized way to facilitate the use of the following methods for management reference.

Method / step

Lead seal conventional management methods:

1, seal, container seal pliers custody, payment, recovery work, the establishment of Taiwan accounts and full-time management of the staff.

2, seal for a variety of different types of cans, boxes, boxes and other related measurement devices and special circumstances, a special place sealing.

3, seal users must take the lead seal safe custody, shall not be free to lend, transfer, copy forgery.

4, loading personnel on the packing list according to the actual situation on the spot fill seal number and number.

5, a monthly statistics, the number of seals used in the car this month, the number of scrapped, the total number of old seals recovered.

6, the use of the seal will be damaged, need to reissue, you must keep the damaged container seal to trade. Damaged lead code to make a record.