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Oil tanker seal effect and advantages are those
Jun 25, 2018

The seal of a tanker truck is a type of seal product used on various tanker trucks. If this is not understood, then simply a lock is used on the top of a tanker truck. The biggest difference between seals and other locks is that this is a one-off.

 Oil tanker seal

Once the seal of the tanker is used once, it cannot be used for the second time. The biggest advantage of a one-off tanker seal like this is to protect the safety of the goods. Has anyone ever moved the tanker seal to see it? Knowing that the seals of oil tankers can also be used on postal wagons and trailer container wagons.


Sealing of oil tankers is also used in the sealing and sealing of bagged goods, tanks of oil tanks, blockage of railway trucks, etc. The lock body is made of aluminum alloy die-cast.


Sealing range can be adjusted and tightened. Lock length L30cm (can be lengthened), wire diameter 5mm, the main advantages of the tanker seals are the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and wear resistance.