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Once the container seal is damaged
Jan 02, 2018

Once the container seal is damaged, the container driver should inform the manufacturer immediately. The manufacturer is responsible for arranging the relevant responsible person to the appointed place, opening the container, checking the goods carefully to see if there are any missing or excess items in the container. Ask the driver if there are any special reasons for the damage. Take a photo and keep it. Please provide the manufacturer with a new high-safety seal, notice of change of loading record, replacement of a new high-security seal, and report to the customer.


In the factory lock bolt necrosis, lock and other circumstances, immediately respond to us, we as a direct manufacturer will replace your new products to meet the high security letters. After the container loading is completed, the first factory will keep the photo of the high-security seal until the container is present.

In the shipping process, container seals any problems we will conduct timely processing. Protect your rights.