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Proper use of steel wire seals
Sep 19, 2017

Wire seals are a kind of seal products, his characteristics are only used once, so there is called a one-time seals. But they are all the same in nature. I am here to introduce the use of wire seals tutorial, the process is very simple, as long as you read this tutorial, you will use. 1. After the completion of the inspection can start interspersed with wire seals, interspersed with attention, from the keyhole through.

The fingers are able to feel the strength of the visible ball lock and make a crisp sound. It is necessary to note that if the steel wire is not issued when the obvious ball card buckle strength, there is no crisp sound, which shows that the steel wire seals have rusted or the displacement of the ball, this will be a useless steel wire seals. 2. Choose the right place, check the keyhole of the steel wire seals whether there is any blockage inside the lock core, and then check whether the plastic head has serious deformation, serious deformation can not be used. Steel wire seals, also known as the "self blockade", it is different from ordinary locks, belong to a one-time lock, but have all the advantages of the lock, to provide security for the goods. The definition of the lock is the so-called "easy knot is not easy to solve", in order to prevent the lawless elements in some things do small gestures, and a specific design of a "lock." As our steel wire seals once sealed, can only be pulled forward, can not pull, until the safe delivery of goods, can use the autocratic wire pliers cut off, play the role of L anti-theft anti-counterfeiting.