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R & D wire seal reason!
Mar 06, 2018

R & D wire seal reason!

In many parts of China, the cost of customs wire seals has been lifted and the burden on enterprises has been lightened. The scope of benefits has covered many industries and the burden on the people has been greatly affected.

cable seal.jpgThree strokes to see the quality of the wire seal is good or bad

1. Surface, the general surface treatment of electroplating, spraying and coloring of three, these surface treatments can form a protective film on the product, play a preservative and rust-proof role, while making the product more beautiful and durable.

2. Materials, the market blockade material is basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron and aluminum. The strength of stainless steel is good, corrosion resistance, the same color, is the best lock material; copper is more general, superior mechanical properties, the price is more expensive than; high-quality zinc alloy strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance is very strong, easy Molding, generally used to create mid-range lock.

3. Weight, and sound, to 掂 weight, feel than listen to sound.

Wire seals of various types, in the transport, confidentiality, escort used mostly. The railway product certification collection directory approved by the railway part of the batch, since July 1, 2012, began the implementation of railway product certification. This means that the wire seal products will gradually become special needs products, production and operation more professional and scientific.

工厂图片1.jpgWire seal is a one-time lock, not only a wide range of uses, and the effect is significant. For example, can be used in the management of the meter and the meter box, can effectively prevent the loss of electricity, the exact inclusion of electricity costs foolproof. It can be said is a strong safe. As another example, applied to the customs transport, as an effective means of monitoring the export of goods, only the special tools for the Customs to open, can be well-known, open, Shi blockade can not be re-used. This one-time nature guarantees the integrity and safety of the goods.

The changeable style of steel wire seals is widely used. Typical bullet-type multi-purpose block locks, rocker type block locks, flat round plastic wire block locks, hexagonal steel wire seals and the like.