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RFID smart wire seal
Jul 09, 2018

Based on RFID, it is widely used in anti-counterfeiting technology to integrate semiconductor chips with ordinary wire seals to form a secure and anti-counterfeit RFID intelligent wire seal. Based on the widespread use and application of computers, electronic seals are realized through intelligent wire seal management system. Information management, improve the daily inspection and inspection of the wire seal of the measurement department.

The system includes two parts: customer terminal system and handheld terminal; realizes the issuance and certification of all levels of intelligent seals, the safety management of intelligent seals, and the standardized operation management of operators; the system can operate in a single machine and also supports network Operation, it is also possible to integrate the original system of the customer as a subsystem into the original management system.

Structural features: This product is assembled from steel ball and marble parts. It is made of zinc die-casting parts, ABS plastic layer, laser marking, company logo or name, code, sun protection, anti-corrosion and tension structure. After installation, the lock can be removed with an exclusive wire cutter.

Scope of application: Applicable to all kinds of transportation, petroleum, mining, chemical, financial, customs, railway, container, pharmaceutical, foreign trade commodity inspection and transportation product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy metering, small lock hole tank It can be used by customers in various industries, such as preventing theft and sealing, and can also design and manufacture more suitable sealing according to the special requirements of customers. Our company has passed the ISO9001 standard certification, which has enabled our company to establish a good reputation image among new and old users and form a long-term stable partner.