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Sealing industry in which the main application
Jun 11, 2018

    Do not look at such small objects such as seals, but its application range is very wide!


   Such as electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, fire extinguishers, etc., can be said that many instruments are required to install seals, the main purpose is to prevent private open the instrument, the degree of metering or configuration of hands and feet, can effectively prevent stealing, stealing water , stole gas or steal oil and so on. Such an obscure thing, but also great!

2. the use of security seal

  Seals can be used as anti-counterfeit one-off seals, such as foreign trade commodity inspection, purchasing, and packaging barrels, etc. The use of one-off security seals can effectively prevent sealed objects from being opened and dropped.

3. shipping, air, freight and other freight processes

   When a container is shipped by sea, after the goods are packed in closed doors, container seals will be placed on the goods for the sake of safety. The purpose is also to prevent container doors from being opened and goods stolen. In addition, when the goods are transferred to ports or docks, they need to open containers when they encounter inspections. Customs seals are usually added when inspections are completed.

4.tanker, container trucks and other transportation tools

   When oil tankers are transporting petroleum, in order to prevent drivers from stealing, seals are also installed at the oil import and export points.

5. other occasions

   It can be said that any occasion, as long as you need to package, do not want others to open, you can use the seal.