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What is the difference between security lead seals and sign seals
Nov 10, 2017

Lead Seals - We generally see water meters have a piece of metal above the lead

lead Seal is the same as the lock is equipped by the staff after the goods are loaded into the container and the door is closed roughly. Seal according to the staff can be divided into different customs seal, commodity inspection seal and business seal. Once the seal is roughly locked, it can not be opened unless it is violently destroyed (ie, cut open) and the damaged seal can not be reapplied. Each seal has a unique number logo. As long as the container outline is incomplete, the container door is roughly closed, and the seal is abnormally locked, the container may be unopened without permission in transit. The container environment is under the responsibility of the boxer when monitoring the container.

Customs seal is not allowed to arbitrarily open, is to bear the law mission.

There are two kinds of environment General Customs will impose the seal:

First, the customs training out of the box. Customs exercise that is, the customs officers to open the container, or all deposited to check, in order to allow the owner will not be considered illegal inspection by others, sealed a Customs seal care buyers, this is the Customs investigation. At the same time, the customs record must also note the seal of the customs seal number.

Second, the customs transit. Customs transit is the goods imported from the port customs, forwarded to the border customs submission.

Under the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China:

Article 37 The goods imprisoned by the Customs shall not be opened, extracted, placed, shipped, altered, modified, mortgaged, pledged, retained, assigned or changed without the promise of the Customs and shall be suspended for other uses and suspended for other disposal.

Customs Gazette seal, no one shall be closed without damage.