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Security Seals For Containers
Jan 31, 2018

Both countries need to transport large quantities of goods from South Africa to the United States. Trader A seems to be a more cost-effective option and chooses a budget to protect his container. He considered the extra cost of a high-quality container seal as a wasteful investment. Not only is this a bigger expense, but setting up a security protocol to monitor his product seems like a waste of time. Looks a bit risky, but the container will be at sea most of the journey, and who will steal when stacked on board? Of course, he will have some basic things, but enough to make you give up. All of these high-security businesses with all technical terms seem too cumbersome. He can call someone free advice, but decided that this is too much trouble, in short.


Businessman B a little cautious. He knew the risks inherent in the transport of large quantities of goods in international maritime space and considered it a wise decision to invest additional security measures. Even if no one attempts to break into one of his containers, he also knows that his custom brand, laser marking, high-strength, high-security seals will play a huge deterrent. The way he sees it, the cost of theft that goes to the hell will cost far more than the initial extra security investment. He called JCSY for free advice and they helped him choose bolts of ISO17712 rating because of their excellent structural strength and their required brand and serial numbering requirements. In addition, he also ensures that his other security measures are in place and that they are inspected at the appropriate time. I believe he has made a valuable investment, he enjoyed a good night's sleep.