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Significance of using measuring cabinet seals
Jun 07, 2018

Metering seals, as the name implies, refers to the seals installed outside the meters, meters, and other metering cabinets. Why do metering cabinets generally have to be sealed? In fact, the purpose is very simple, because the measuring cabinet is not intended to be easily opened by the user or other unrelated person, because if it is opened, then the user has the opportunity or the possibility to go hand in hand with the meter. The installation of seals for measuring cabinets is mainly used to prove and guarantee the accuracy of metering instruments.

measuring cabinet seals

In many other locations, lead seals are also used, such as those that are commonly used in trains stuffing trucks to carry valuables. The most convenient sign is to use a rope or wire to pass through two points that must be opened, and press a small lead mark on the rope head with a specially-printed clamp. It is commonly called a seal. More commonly used to do small plastic seals metering seals, this seal is easy to use, can be used with a variety of seal lines together.