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Solve theft! Anti-theft wire seal major note!
Mar 23, 2018

Two drivers of a logistics company in Beijing repeatedly sold their own cooking oil. On December 14, the Dongcheng District Court sentenced defendants to larceny, and Huang and Wang had imprisonment for twelve years and three years. Huang Mou and Wang Mou served as drivers in Beijing Logistics Co., Ltd., and the company had a long-term transportation cooperation relationship with Beijing Kerry Food Industry Co., Ltd., which produces edible oil, and was responsible for the transportation of edible oil sealed by Kerry. However, Liu and Wang would like to “get riches” by “selling” the oil they transported. During transportation of Kerry’s edible oil, drive to a place agreed in advance with the oil vendor. Use methods such as picking and cutting to open the seal, open the oil tanker seal, and steal the cooking oil in the tanker alone or in combination to steal the oil inside the tanker. Edible oil sold with oil vendors.

From October 2007 to January 2008, Hwang steals 1,521 tons of soybean oil, 18.295 tons of low-phosphorus soybean oil, worth 223,438.38 yuan, and Wang, 3.717 tons of soybean oil, worth 34,924.38 yuan.

break bolt seals.jpg

After the trial, the court held that the defendants, Huang and Wang, used their illegal possession for the purpose of stealing the company’s property, either individually or in groups. The amount of the theft reached a particularly large amount, and the amount of Wang’s theft amounted to a huge amount. Their actions all constitute theft, according to the law. Should be punished. In view of Wang’s help with his relatives, he repaid 30,000 yuan, the investigation agency has deducted Liu’s disbursement of 67,300 yuan, and the guilty attitude of the two defendants after the case was filed. He sentenced Huang to 12 years imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for two years, a fine of RMB 20,000, and sentenced Wang to three years' imprisonment and a fine of RMB 3,000.


There are three main reasons:

First, the aging of the oil drain cover rubber mat and the long use of the copper wrench are seriously worn;

Second, the retrofit design of the vehicle's bottom-loading is irrational; the flat discharge port cover cannot completely block the oil discharge port;

Third, it does not rule out the possibility of vandalism by individual drivers. In order to prevent individual drivers from stealing oils here, the inspectors applied seals at the unloading port panels.

In subsequent inspections, it was found that many vehicles had large spaces behind the panels and there was still the possibility of stealing oil.

Then the structure of the tanker was studied and two sets of rectification plans were formulated.

Solution one: Add and remove fuel filler caps at tanker unloading ports and apply seals. Wire seal

Option 2: Drill the hole in the body, and at the same time, make a hole at the unloading handle. The handle and the body are connected together by the seal, which can prevent the unloading handle from stealing oil.