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Steel wire seals are also known as steel wire seals
Sep 19, 2017

Many customers will use a special custom-made wire seals, we can choose on the seals hot or laser printing water coding, company name, logo trademarks. Custom not only embodies each company's special, also in order to facilitate the management of statistics, more for anti-theft, to prevent the illegal elements opened to replace, and caused damage to goods. Therefore must choose the good quality seals, according to own demand chooses the good product.

Steel wire seals, also known as "logistics seals", it is different from the ordinary lock, belongs to a one-time lock, but has all the advantages of the lock, to provide security for the goods. The definition of the lock is the so-called "easy knot is not easy to solve", in order to prevent the lawless elements in some things do small gestures, and a specific design of a "lock."

As our steel wire seals once sealed, can only be pulled forward, can not pull, until the safe delivery of goods, can use the autocratic wire pliers cut off, play the role of L anti-theft security seals.

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