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Steel wire seals function is unique, uses widely
Sep 19, 2017

Why to say that the use of steel wire seals is widely used, mainly because the seal of this stuff can use the place is too much, as long as the industry needs to prevent the goods are unsealed, there will be the use of seals necessary. There are many such industries, such as oil tankers need steel wire seals, smart meters installed meter seals, water meter use of lead beans and so on. Although all the same as the seal products, but are not the same style and material, it is not difficult to see the use of a wide range of seals also need different styles to operate. If is the high value thing also needs to use the RFID chip to carry on the anti-counterfeiting, achieves the relative security protection. So when an industry first use seals, often need to seal manufacturers to design a perfect protection scheme, with or develop appropriate seals products, so as not only reduce the cost of customers and maximize the safety protection.

About the use of wire seals, different people have the same usage, different industries are not the same way of use, the only thing that can be confirmed is the seal it has a one-time application of the characteristics. As a leading seal industry, the first new Sanbanxi listed company, has this huge seal development strength, based on years of experience in the manufacture of seals, to provide customers with the appropriate products for the industry, so that the use of a wide range of seals really show out.