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Steel wire seals plastic seals and aluminum alloy steel wire seals the difference?
Sep 19, 2017

Hexagonal steel wire seal is a kind of plastic steel wire seals The most common type of seal products, most of the use of equipment in the sealing and bundling of goods. Its external package ABS plastic can not only play a role in reducing the cost of the shell, but also the key is to change the color of plastic arbitrarily, metal to ABS plastic can also reduce the weight of the seal. But it is also because of the plastic casing package, which makes the plastic steel wire seals can be used in a more hostile environment, the plastic shell will not cause oxidation reaction, and will not be corroded to see the above information.

There are two of the most common wire seals in the seals, they are used in the ABS plastic package and aluminum alloy shell package, the use of different materials so that the cost of production and the use of the environment is not the same, and these two uses the same but the material extremes of the two categories of products, there will be a huge difference? Aluminum alloy steel wire seals externally wrapped aluminum alloy shell, is also a more common steel wire seal products, often used in container turnover truck and van sealing. Its shell is made of aluminum material, the color is very bright after oxidation spraying. The advantage of using aluminum alloy material is the ability to have a good hardness, can withstand the long time in transit collision. and the steel wire seals used by the wire is a thicker diameter of the aviation wire rope, stronger tensile strength. The two types of steel wire seals wrapped in plastic wrap are functionally similar, but they tend to choose a more suitable one because of the different environments used.