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The advantages of using anti-theft plastic seals in construction and other major industries
Apr 09, 2018

Nowadays plastic seals are widely used in daily life, such as in electronic factories, warehousing, oil, banking, finance, corporate product inspection, packaging barrel sealing, energy metering, to prevent theft and leakage, department stores, logistics, radio and telecommunications, express delivery and shipping. We also use plastic seals in constructions, and the application in this area is now very common. What are the reasons that allow various industries to prefer such seals? What are the advantages?

The advantages of using anti-theft plastic seals in construction and other major industries

The following are some of the advantages in the construction from the analysis of Junchuang lock:

1. Plastic seals have high strength, good adhesion, complete integration of putty, etc., they are convenient for construction, reducing labor intensity, speeding up the construction, reducing construction costs. The impact resistance of the wall is greatly improved, protecting the wall surface from damage. The damage to the wall corner and the trouble of repeated maintenance are effectively avoided.

2. Bendable, easy for construction, beautiful arc.

3. It is possible to use molds to create complex shapes that are easier to shape than metals, lower energy consumption, lower cost, corrosion resistance, and lighter weight.

4. Plastic is soft, easy to fold, and light transmission performance, cheap, low production costs. The source of raw materials is also very wide. Plastics is not easy to decay, good flexibility,small in occupy area and wide in application.

5. High anti-static, not easy aging, good electrical insulation.

As more and more industries begin to use plastic seals, various needs are increasing at the same time. Junchuang is determined to design more diversified products, solve the use demand, and overcome more use fields, so that more companies can experience the safety and convenience brought by plastic seal products.