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The development of logistics industry needs seals
Sep 19, 2017

With the development of the logistics industry, seals, also play its indispensable role in the industry, steel wire seal, meter seal, power seal, oil seals, etc., mainly used in logistics, chemical, aviation, shipping, instrumentation industry, such as a one-time prevention of theft and leakage of use. Plastic seals are generally printed on the customer name, such as so-and-so electricity, such as water supply, some printed logo, in addition to the name of the customer or logo, the general will also be printed on the serial number or code, water number or code each seal is not the same, can be said to be unique, The purpose of this is to prevent illegal elements from forging seals.

Plastic seal on the printed word is to take laser printing or hot soup technology treatment, this printed on the font clearly visible, beautiful and generous. The measurement of seals is also called the seal is a security and prevent cheating traditional devices, usually with plastic, metal and other materials production, because of the extensive use of metal lead as material, so the seal is often called seals. It is used to prevent opening and destroying of metering equipment. Before the use of the seal has a long history, wide application, easy to use, because of its structure and the application of the logo is simple, also easy to copy, so the security performance is very poor.