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The importance of choosing a security seal
Apr 25, 2018

The challenge for the seal buyers is to seek education on security seals, and then choose the right security seal for their firm.This is important, and requires thorough attention.

The perception among buyers of security seals often is this: “A seal is a seal”.Well established manufacturers of highly valuable brands of food products will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in perimeter defense, video surveillance etc., but when it comes to defining the classification or quality of security seals that will be used to secure one of the most vulnerable part of their entire supply chain, will consistently pick “cheaper” over “better”…..Why is this?

There are of course examples of companies that are serious about their application and choice of security seals, and who have implemented security seal requirements and specifications as an integral part of their overall supply chain security program, alas, these examples are the minority.

Because mechanical security seals are such a quaint category of products, the responsibility to purchase them often defaults to a firm’s purchasing department, and because the expense is insignificant, the decision on what security seals to purchase is often made by the same person that orders office supplies for the firm, with little or no regard to what really matters:

1.Tamper indicating features

2.Tamper resistance


4. Compliance with ISO 17712, C-TPAT The importance of choosing a security seal

In addition to choosing the appropriate security seal solution for your supply chain, it is important to realize that security seals are not effective unless they are part of an established seal protocol;

Paraphrasing from “FSIS Safety and Security Guidelines for the Transportation and Distribution of Meat, Poultry, and Egg products”:

Any risk mitigation strategy has to include a well-defined supply chain security program, and a SC-security program has to include established best practices on how to:

1.Train specific employees, “gate keepers”,in the purchase, storage, release, application and inspection of security seals and other tamper evident devices. This includes, but is not limited to, a list of actionable steps to follow, in cases where a “tamper incident” is discovered.

2.Let the appropriate and skilled employees of the firm determine what features and capabilities a security seal must offer to your supply chain operations, and realize that not all security seals are created equal.Consult the experts, and learn from them - A seal is not just a seal!

3. Ensure compliance.Seek information and knowledge from established and reputable security seal manufacturers and industry organizations.