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The maintenance method of plastic seals on car beauty
Sep 19, 2017

To remove scratches with toothpaste: Bright car paint often appear in the road scratches, car owners for this to auto beauty shop push Sara, I have been using toothpaste polishing method to remove a slight scratches, the effect is good. Method is, first of all, the scratches are washed clean water, and then take a clean cloth or towel, dip in a little bit of toothpaste in the scratches repeatedly gently push, plastic seals, steel wire seals, nylon strap, container seals, oil filling car seals, security seals, signs tie, Iron wire ties and a variety of lead blockade made of domestic well-known plastic seals to scratch or weaken after scratches can be wiped dry with a wet towel. The reason is very simple, the toothpaste itself is a kind of cleaning teeth grinding agent, not hurt the body will not hurt the paint.

Talcum powder to dissolve door seals knot: After the rain car door seals damp and paint surface adhesion, open the door is accompanied by "squeak" sound. Can be used to apply a talcum powder to the door of the rubber seam bar, symptoms can disappear, open and close, no sound. This method is suitable for the refrigerator and freezer door of the home.