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The steel wire seals and the steel wire seals actually call different?
Sep 19, 2017

Steel wire seals are used one time, to open the words can only destroy him. Need to use wire pliers to cut it off can be, cut back to use again.

Steel wire seals may be something that everyone has not heard of, but this is actually used in many places. Steel wire seals, also known as wire seals, according to the use of different occasions are also referred to as container seals, container truck seals, car seals, etc., applicable to a variety of standard containers, vans, door tank trucks, mobile track train containers, valves, nozzles and so on. The material is low carbon steel, galvanized, outsourced ABS, the lock body is clamp spring structure, the surface of the lock body is hot hot, laser typing and flow number, bar code, use is the hand through the wire seals of the head of the hole is locked, only can not be entered, the more it is drawn to the printing company's logo and/or name, serial number; laser bar code, Color yellow, blue, White, green, orange, red, etc. Products with strong, easy to lock, safe and reliable advantages. Standard color has red, yellow, green, blue, white, can also be customized according to customer needs other colors.