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Vintage seal beans gradually replaced by new plastic seals
Jun 14, 2018

   With the development of the seal industry, lead seal products are also upgrading, and more and more customers are now gradually giving up the use of sealed beans and switching to plastic seals. What are the advantages of plastic seals compared to old-fashioned seal beans?

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1. Old-fashioned seal beans, the main ingredient is lead, we know that such objects lead will cause environmental pollution, and the new plastic seal material is selected PC polycarbonate \ ABS resin, this material is environmentally friendly, Will not cause pollution to the environment;

2. The old-fashioned seal beans have complicated seals and need to be used with lead-seal clamps. New plastic lead seals do not require lead-sealing pliers and can be sealed separately. As long as the plastic seals and the objects that need to be sealed (such as the electric meter) are locked with the seal line, the rotary seal of the plastic seals is rotated and locked, and finally the blades can be cut off, which is very convenient to use;

3, the old-fashioned seal beans logo is generally used to seal the seal, and the new plastic seal logo can be laser printing, hot soup and other ways, can identify the customer name, LOGO, serial number, etc.;

4. The last point is that the old-fashioned seal beans are made of lead, which makes them unwieldy and unfavorable to the logistics and freight transportation of the products.

5, the style of old-fashioned seal bean products is single, are a kind of, and new plastic seals, a variety of colors, shapes, specifications, looks more stylish and beautiful.