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What are the advantages of bolt seals?
Apr 16, 2018

The bolt seal is also called high security seal, high security blockade, which is made of lock body and metal rod. Inside the lock body is a spring-type structure, its surface is galvanized and passivated. The surface of the lock body could be laser printed or hot stamped with LOGOS, marks, serial numbers and son on, withstanding tension F ≥ 15KN. At present, bolt seal has been widely used in many fields, railways, highways, ports, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, post and telecommunications, cargo transportation containers, tankers, packaging bags, and various meters.

So what are the advantages of bolt seals?

1. High mechanical strength

2. The chip in the bolt seal has the global unique ID code.

3. Bolt seal can be identified, read and written from long distances.

The external body of the lock adds a transparent cover to protect the internal logo and prevent changes. Pass the rod of the lock through the product that needs to be packaged, then combine it with the lock head and press it tightly. Due to the simple operation, installing without tools, cheap price, hard to oxidize rust, hard to destroy, etc., the sales volume of the high protection seal in the market is very considerable.

What are the advantages of bolt seals?

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