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What are the main application of the seals
Apr 11, 2018

As for the use of seals, different industries have different ways of using them. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the seal is a one-time lock. Shandong Junchuang Lock Co., Ltd., has a professional design team that can design and develop new products for seals. Based on years of experience in seal manufacturing, we can provide suitable seals for customers in various industries, making the use of seals widely show out.What are the main application of the seals

The main uses of seals are the following:

1. Instrument security, meters, meters, gas meters, fuel dispensers and other measuring instruments generally need to install seals to prevent theft.

2. Logistics transportation, containers, container trucks and other vehicles need to be installed seals to prevent the loss of goods during transportation.

3. Other anti-counterfeit seals, such as branded shoes, bags in the process of returning and exchange to prevent the switch.

The seals are widely used in instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transportation, chemical industry, mining, postal services, customs, railways, finance, containers, foreign trade inspection, containers, ships, and domestic air transportation, international air transport, logistics companies, shipping companies, transport handling equipment, transportation products processing, enterprise products inspection, packaging drum packaging, energy measurement, to prevent theft and leakage and seal storage industries.