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What is a plastic seal?
Sep 19, 2017

Plastic seals consist of two parts: closures and closures. The seal is the entire seal can bend the strip, the body can bend through the front of the plastic blockade and form a ring, similar to the trousers belt can be used to banding, or as a lock for marking purposes. It is suitable for various uses such as tanker/container truck.

The seal is a disposable product with simple mechanical principle, so it is often used as a burglar sign, but when the seal is opened, it can be regarded as a passive item. Plastic seals have many models, can be divided into two broad categories: the latch type (fixed type) and the tight type (adjustable type), these two kinds, the tight type is the application is more extensive, because its adjustment makes it to be able to apply more domains, but the fixed type is more application in the logistics transportation process Mark Anti-Theft.

Seals using flame-retardant PP plastic injection molding, flame-retardant pp has a good heat resistance, can be in the -40℃-85℃ environment for a long time without deformation, the general adjustable-type seals inside the clip has steel, and the fixed type mostly uses the whole PP plastic material.

Seal body surface can be used hot stamping, laser printing, such as the production of identification, the logo can be divided into: Water code, company name, LOGO, bar Code, two-dimensional code and so on.