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What types of container seals are included?
Jul 27, 2018

  The container seal is the application of the seal on the container, which has produced this name. In fact, there are many kinds of seals applied on the container, such as our common plastic seals, steel seals, lead seals, etc. A lot, now I will introduce a few common container seals.

    The most common and most commonly used seal on a container is a seal. According to the function of the seal, it can be divided into high security seal, digital security seal, bullet seal, iron seal, steel wire seal, plastic seal, anti-theft seal, ordinary Sealing, etc., according to the person applying the seal can be divided into: factory seal (factory security seal, is added by the export factory); lock (closed seal, that is, customs security seal, is added by the customs); ship seal (ship company The anti-theft seal is added by the shipping company); the temporary seal of the dock (the temporary anti-theft seal of the dock is added by the dock).

Container seals should pay attention to the seal number and packaging time in use, in order to avoid problems in the use of container seals, and also pay attention to the container number and the seal number on the bill of lading, one can not be less, in the use of container seals Pay attention to this problem.