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Why should I install a seal on the meter?
Aug 20, 2018

Electricity, as a commodity that appears in our lives, has always played a very important role. Since it is a commodity, there must be something that is priced. The birth of the electric meter was officially designed to calculate the electricity consumption of people more accurately, so that the electricity grid staff can calculate the electricity bill.

However, there are also many people who have taken the attention of stealing electricity, and privately dismantled the wires in the meter to steal the electricity of others for their own use. So in order to prevent this from happening, the electricity meter seal appeared.

The meter seal is also called the meter lock. The main function is to prevent the occurrence of electricity theft. With the increase of the use of the meter, the meter seal does not only have the function of security and theft, but also serves as a certificate of conformity. The meter is qualified at the factory and sealed with a seal to indicate that it can be installed and used. Each seal has a specific code like the warranty paper.

The meter seal cannot be opened privately. As long as the meter seal is opened privately, it will be handled by stealing electricity.

Each meter on the meter will have a meter seal, which is sealed by the local power company and is the assets of the power company. The main function of this meter seal is to prevent someone from stealing electricity. According to the Regulations on Electricity Supply and Use, it is a sneak peek to falsify or turn on the electricity metering device sealed by a statutory or authorized metrological verification agency. Behavior, so it is said that the meter seal cannot be opened casually.