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Container Door Seals Suppliers

Adjustable Metal Strip Seal SS001Material: Tinplate steel Length:218mm or others as per request Width: 8mm Tensile strength: ≥500N Color:Tinplate steel,natural color Printing: Embossed consecutive sequential numbers

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JCSS001 Factory Directly Provide Hot Sale Adjustable Metal Strip Seal

container door seals suppliers

container door seals suppliers

Detail information

Material:              Tinplate steel 

Length:               218mm or others as per request 

Width:                  8mm

Tensile strength:           ≥500N

Color:                     Tinplate steel,natural color

Printing:                     Embossed consecutive sequential numbers


Containers ocean shipping,Logistics transportation,Van trucks,trucks,tanks trucks,railway trucks,etc




CARTON SIZE:34*25*17cm


1000pcs in a carton:6.6kg

container door seals suppliers


1. Good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, anti-aging, ozone, chemical effects

2. Good sealing and decorative, waterproof, anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-bad weather, stop the air, 

water and dust into the machine.

3, excellent chemical and physical properties, high temperature, wear-resistant, oil, dust and so on

Convenient: Simple push fit within minutes - no clips or glue

5. Durability

6 grasping performance, excellent sealing performance

7. Wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ +120 ℃)

container door seals suppliers

Our Company

Shandong Junchuang Lock Co., Ltd. As a container door seals suppliers is one of the largest seal 

manufacturers in China and has extensive experience in producing lead seals, including cable seals, plastic

 seals, instrument case seals, bird guarding, signage, bolt seals and Container seals. In 2008 formally 

registered in the Secretary for Industry and Commerce, since then have more than 10 years of sales 

experience, has accumulated a variety of molds and production capacity. Has passed ISO9001, ISO28000, 

SGS and other five patents, including plastic seals, instrumentation seals, automotive seals, plastic bags 

and seals seals and so on. 

container door seals suppliers

Survive by quality, technology and development, efficiency and efficiency, to help you win long-term 

customers, because the quality of inspection in every process. Have a professional cable sealing 

equipment more than 360 Taiwan. You can make substantial profits because we can control costs 

through factory operations. Has developed into a research and development, design, production and 

sales of integrated enterprise, you can get the goods in time to meet customer needs.

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