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Container Security Locks

container security locks SS003 Total length: 192mm Workable length: 157mm Lock head diameter: 16mm Locking width: 7mm Tensile strength: around 608NPacking

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Product Details

JCSS003 China Junchuang factory pull tight container security locks

container door seals suppliers

container security locks

Material and detail size

Material: Tinplate iron pieces (stainless steel available)

Total length: 192mm

Workable length: 157mm

Lock head diameter: 16mm

Locking width: 7mm

Tensile strength: around 608NPacking





1000pcs in a carton:6.6kg

container security locks


. Fixed length metal seal

. High strength, tamper-resistant steel

. Bright zinc plated or tin plated surface treatment

. Original color embossed printing

. One-off metal seal


1.Design for customers

2. Strict quality control step by step

3.Good after-sale service

4.Free samples available

5. Customize&OEM

6. 24 hours online service

container security locks

Our Company

For more than 10 years, JCSY has been the preferred supplier for the wholesale of large and small companies. Manage and comply with the complex and ever-changing regulations governing the transport of goods by customs. From hazard labeling and UN certified packaging, hazard labeling and regulatory publications to advanced technical and regulatory training, JCSY provides industry-leading software, products and services that help customers reduce risk and maintain smooth, safe operations. With its unparalleled industry expertise and consulting services, JCSY is committed to supporting the operational and compliance needs of its customers, providing valuable resources for clients to answer difficult and common regulatory issues. Whether you are shipping by land, air or sea, JCSY is your partner, keeping your business ahead of the law and at every step of the way.

container security locks

In China, we have always maintained long-term cooperation with SFG, the leading logistics company in China. This is their recognition of and support for our services, product quality and various technologies. Now that the country vigorously develops its foreign trade, this undoubtedly provides favorable conditions for our long-term friendly cooperation.

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