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Metal Security Seals

metal security seals SS002
Seal Material: Tinplate steel
Wire Material: Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nyloncoated wire/stainless steel wire
Length:217mm or others as per request
Tensile strength: ≥500N

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Product Details

Pull up container lock metal security seals wtih number JCSS-002

container door seals suppliers

metal security seals

Material and detail size

Seal Material: Tinplate steel             

Wire Material: Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nyloncoated wire/stainless steel wire   

Length: 217mm or others as per request 

Tensile strength: ≥500N

Color: Tinplate steel,natural color

Printing: Embossed consecutive sequential numbers

Application Area

Containers ocean shipping,Logistics transportation,Van trucks,trucks,tanks trucks,railway trucks,etc

Package and Weight




1000pcs in a carton:6.6kg

container door seals suppliers


Easy to install: This is a simple metal seal

These truck door seals do not require installation tools, and manually insert the seal into the head 

lock hole. Make them a quick and easy way to secure the truck trailer door. All of our truck door 

seals are custom printed.

Truck door sealing options: suitable for your transport safety

Truck door seals are a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to protect your cargo. No matter 

what your cargo or how far you travel, we offer wholesale numbers of metal balls and metal 

deck door seals. JCSY can customize embossed door seals with your logo or brand name and 

serial number.

Customized printing and stamping of truck door seals

Most JCSY truck door seals are numbered sequentially. Choose a style to customize print your 

company logo, bar code or chart. Printed and embossed truck door seals provide additional 

safety layers as well as personal contact.

metal security seals factory

Our Company

Truck door seals are an invaluable safety feature that allows truck drivers to focus on the road ahead 

without fear of latch failure or theft There are a variety of options to assure truck doors: metal truck 

door seals, plastic truck doors Seal, bolt seal and more. At JCSY we are confident that you will find

 the best wholesale truck door seals for your vehicle and budget - in our choice.

metal security seals exhibition

With over 10 years of experience, JCSY has built a reputation for delivering the best products, best 

service and shortest delivery times. From plastic beaded ties to metal truck door seals, high volume 

and custom orders, we will meet all your special customization, sealing and labeling needs.

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