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Gas Meter Seal Lock

gas meter seal lock MS006
1. Commodity name: Seal or meter seal or meter sealing
2. Main Applications:Water / Gas / Electric meters and others
3. Material: High quality PC(polycarbonate) and stainless steel wire
4. Strength: >45N

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Product Details

High security  ISO17712 certification gas meter seal lock JCMS006

gas meter seal lock

gas meter seal lock

Information about water meter security seals

Material:Transparent PC Plastic for body, ABS for core

Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nylon coated wire/stainless steel wire/mixed with kinds of material, Diameter 0.68mm.

Printing:Company logo, name, sequential number, Bar code is available.

Certificate:ISO9001:2008, SGS, C-TPAT, ISO17712

Strength: >40N

Body: transparent
Insert: yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red, etc
Without wire
Standard Packaging: 5000PCS
ton Dimensions: 49cm X 40cm X 25cm

gas meter seal lock

gas meter seal lock

How to use water meter security seals?

Applications:Meters (water / gas / electric / electronic)
Tankers, tube equipments, valves, etc.
Specification:Plastic part: Polycarbonate
Metallic spiral wire: galvanized wire or stainless steel wire etc
The wire can be supplied separately or attached at the seal itself.
The external part is transparent for the visual control of integrity
Installation: Pass wire through two holes in the plastic part, and then turn the handle to the right to achieve perfect closure, the handle must be broken
Removable by cable cutters
Printing”Company logo and/or name, sequential number

Plastics’ gas/water meter seal is designed to make quick work of locking out the supply valve on your customer’s gas or water meter.  Plastic Tamper Detection device for lock wing valves.

Trap Seal for Lock Wing Valves

No more dealing with faulty metal locks due to ice, rust and dirt. Every seal is new!

Less weight (a technician can easily carry a bag of 100 meter seals in one hand).

Warns customers of extra charge if tampered with. The phrase, “PENALTY Do not remove seal” is molded onto the face of each seal.

What else do you use for shipping?

We use your address DHL, UPS, FedEX, TNT and other logistics delivery. About 15-30 days after payment

Shipping costs will be based on your order volume to reduce your costs for the purpose of calculation.

 We do have a professional business people to the cost of the form sent to you. Please do not worry.

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