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Polycarbonate Electric Meter Seal

Polycarbonate electric meter Seal MS005
1. Commodity name: Seal or meter seal or meter sealing
2. Main Applications:Water / Gas / Electric meters and others
3. Material: High quality PC(polycarbonate) and stainless steel wire
4. Strength: >45N

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Product Details

lowest prices tamper proof Polycarbonate electric meter Seal manufacturer JCMS005

Polycarbonate electric meter Seal

Polycarbonate electric meter Seal

Information about electric meter security seals

Product name: Meter seal JCMS005

Material: Transparent PC Plastic covering, ABS core, galvanized or stainless steel wire


1).0.7mm diameter wire

2).Metallic spiral wire: galvanized or stainless steel wire etc.

3).The wire can be supplied separately or attached at the seal itself.

4).Achieve desired closure by spinning handle.


1).Laser printing

2).Customer's company name&logo, Sequential numbers

3).Bar code is available


1).red,yellow,green,blue,white,black etc.

2).or as customers' request

Strength:     >40N

Polycarbonate electric meter Seal

Over the years, we have continuously expanded our range of locks, complementing them with products that fulfil high aesthetic expectations, such as in the furniture making industry. Our customers come from the automotive industry as well as the electrical and mechanical engineering sectors. We supply wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers, but also a wide variety of small craft and trade businesses.

Since then, we have continuously adapted to the extensive and complex developments of the seals market, and steadily expanded our range with many types of metal strap, wire, plastic and bolt seal, as well as security labels. As international trade continues to grow, so do the risks associated with shipping goods. This has led to an increased demand for securing and controlling items during transit. For our customers, it is important to prevent goods and freight from being tampered with, and to avoid losses in their domestic and international supply chains.

Polycarbonate electric meter Seal

Features and benifits

Transparent body to enable visibility of any tampering
Three Anchor for strong holding of the parts
Thin wire of 0.6 mm suitable to enter into small holes
Wire length can be variable
Serial number laser marked on both body and plunge increase security levels
Barcode should be possible
Serial no. on plunger encapsulated inside the body hence no chance to erode this
Wire attached to seal hence easy to handle

What else do you use for shipping?

We use your address DHL, UPS, FedEX, TNT and other logistics delivery. Shipping costs will be based 

on your order volume to reduce your costs for the purpose of calculation. We do have a professional 

business people to the cost of the form sent to you. Please do not worry.

How can I contact you?

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