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16 Policy Adjustments Provide Deepening Reform And Opening Up To Provide Legal Protectio
Jan 12, 2018

16 policy adjustments provide deepening reform and opening up to provide legal protection

The State Council recently issued the "Decision on Temporarily Adjusting Relevant Administrative Laws and Regulations, State Council's Documents and Departmental Regulations and Approvals Determined by the State Council in a Free Trade Zone" (the "Decision"). The Decision has adjusted 16 items concerning the construction of a free trade zone and further relaxed the access for foreign investment in various fields such as civil aviation, entertainment, finance, tourism, education, grain purchase and rail transit.

After this round of policy readjustment, building a free-trade area needs to take greater strides and make major breakthroughs in the reform of the commercial system and the facilitation of investment and trade. "However, this is undoubtedly a major challenge that may be covered in the future Free Trade Zone policy adjustment. "


A few of them are as follows:

1. To speed up the innovation of the international ship registration system and gradually release classifications based on the principle of reciprocity 2. To allow the establishment of wholly foreign-owned international ship transport, international ship management, international maritime cargo handling, international shipping container terminals and yard enterprises, Foreign joint ventures and cooperation in the form of international ship agency business, foreign shareholding ratio was relaxed to 51% .3. To allow foreign investors, investors in Taiwan to establish wholly-owned performance brokerage agencies for the free trade pilot zone provinces, municipalities Provide services.