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A Variety Of Factors Lead Seal Lock Industry Highly Competitive
Mar 06, 2018

A variety of factors lead seal lock industry highly competitive

Today's logistics lock market customers in order to recover funds, reduce inventory pressure, carry out capital preservation sales, seal sales increase. Currently the market performance of the lock is as follows: In the domestic market, lead seals, seal locks, anti-theft locks and various kinds of transport seals are in better trend with larger volume; lead seals and container truck locks are popular with consumers and have considerable sales. Export, foreign inquiry, return-based, wait and see atmosphere. Sales stable, promising.


In most people's eyes, the value of the lock is small. General household locks, a few cheaper, but expensive dozens of dollars. However, since ancient times, no one family does not have to lock. When people are still locked in the impression of the lock, "Iron General," the domestic lock technology with each passing day, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of locks. The domestic lock industry with annual sales of more than 400 billion yuan, production capacity of more than 2 billion units, the export volume of more than 10 billion yuan. The future market will continue to lock more than 20% per year high-speed growth. With the trend of global economic integration, China's lock industry has begun its internationalization and branding industry.


Recently, as the price of copper, zinc and other metal raw materials fluctuated downwards, merchants repatriated funds to reduce the pressure on stocks and carry out principal-guaranteed sales. Most lock products sales increase. In addition, the introduction of measures to expand domestic demand eased some of the pressure caused by the financial crisis, the obvious increase in domestic sales is a strong fill of the export volume reduction. Traditional models have stable sales and bright future. The year approaching, the people of the traditional door locks increased demand, such as the ball lock, handle lock, mortise locks, the recent market potential to stabilize the amount of sales, mostly in the domestic market. Most of the merchants also mass-produce plastic lead seals and container seals according to the different demands of logistics. The sales prospect is very promising. Dedicated to the container container trucks, logistics companies, credit counters, banks, electricity, department stores, shipping, table boxes, postal services, customs, railways, transportation, water supply, power supply, military, chemical, oil transportation, bus, shipping companies, ore , Coal transport, foreign trade commodity inspection, product inspection, transport handling equipment, to prevent theft leak seal, product sales and at home and abroad, won the majority of customers!