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Advantages Of Plastic Seals
Sep 19, 2017

1. Can be bent on demand, convenient construction, arc beautiful.

2. Long-term existence of the construction of the yang angle is not straight, beautiful, corner easily damaged and other quality defects. Outside the wall heat preservation treatment, construction speed is slow, the corner of the impact resistance is poor, after a long period of weathering, water seepage, resulting in wall cracking.

3. Plastic seals with high strength, good adhesion, and full combination of putty and other advantages, construction convenience, reduce labor intensity, speed up construction speed, reduce construction costs. Upright beauty, and greatly enhance the corner of the impact resistance, protect the corner from damage, effectively avoid the corner of the wall and repeatedly repair trouble.

Plastic seals to unique weathering, corrosion resistance, anti-aging features, and its strength, toughness has made people feel relieved to replace the steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials.