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Anti-theft Plastic Seals In The Construction And Use Of The Advantages Of Major Industries!
Mar 01, 2018

Anti-theft plastic seals in the construction and use of the advantages of major industries!

In the electronics factory, storage, PetroChina, banking, finance, product testing, packaging, packaging, energy metering, to prevent theft and leakage of storage, department stores, logistics, SVA Express, courier, shipping companies, construction, we often use plastic seals, Application in this area is now very mature, what is the reason for the various sectors prefer this seal, which have any advantages? Here are some analysis of the advantages in the building:

1. Plastic seals with high strength, good adhesion, fully integrated putty, etc., easy construction, reduce labor intensity, speed up the construction speed, reduce construction costs. Straight appearance, and greatly improved the impact wall, wall damage protection, effectively avoid the corner of the collision, the trouble of repeated maintenance.

2. Bendable, convenient construction, beautiful arc.

3. Construction and long-standing sun angle is not straight, beautiful, easily damaged corners and other common problems. Insulation in the external walls, the construction speed is slow, poor impact resistance of the corner, after a long period of weathering, seepage, leading to wall cracking.

4. You can use the mold to create complex shapes, easier to shape than metal, low energy consumption, low cost, corrosion resistance and light weight.

5. Plastic soft, easy to fold, and good light transmission, low prices, low production costs. The source of raw materials is also very wide, non-perishable plastic, good flexibility, small footprint, wide range of applications.

6. Anti-static high, not easy to aging, good electrical insulation.